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Air Ronge, SK —Northlands College Undertakes Organizational and Operational Review

Northlands College initiated a comprehensive organizational and operational review of the College at the beginning of October. Results of the consultants’ preliminary report have now been received. Based on the findings, the report recommends specific strategies that will increase the College’s capacity to develop and deliver programs and services that put students and communities first across northern Saskatchewan.

Review recommendations will advance four critical priorities:

  • Priority 1: Bring Northlands College in alignment with higher education best practices in the areas of student enrolment, revenue generation and profile building.
  • Priority 2: Develop strategies to reverse the College’s 54% decline in student enrolment over the past ten years.
  • Priority 3: Diversify our revenue sources in order to weather current fiscal realities (there has been a significant drop in revenues in recent years).
  • Priority 4: Pursue every single northern-relevant opportunity in the Saskatchewan 2030 Growth Plan, for the benefit of our students and northern communities.

As articulated in our mission, “Northlands College takes pride in providing diverse education and training in a safe, welcoming environment by removing barriers and creating opportunities for all of the people of northern Saskatchewan.”