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Our programs and courses are designed to be flexible, so you can choose the learning format that works best for you - whether it’s online, on campus, or a hybrid of both.

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Adult 10 – Virtual Live

The Adult 10 program is designed for adult learners who require formal academic standing at the Grade 10 level. Learners in this program will attend

Adult 12 – Virtual Live

The Adult 12 program is designed for adult learners to achieve a Saskatchewan Grade 12 standing through the completion of seven credits. Learners in this

Automotive Service Technician

Learners in the Automotive Service Technician will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose, repair, service and maintain advances mechanical and electrical systems in

Bachelor of Arts

Major in: English, Indigenous Studies, Political Studies, or Sociology In today’s increasingly globalized workforce, employers are looking for individuals able to think critically and adapt

Bachelor of Education

Elementary/Middle Years Teahers and educators continue to be in demand in Northern Saskatchewan and throughout the province. This four-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree is

Bachelor of Science

Major in: Biology or Chemistry Students complete 60 credit units of required and elective courses that can lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Registered nurses are in extremely high demand all across Saskatchewan. Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Nursing enjoy careers in community/public health agencies, clinics, hospitals,

Bachelor of Social Work

Graduates of the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program may find careers in family counselling, mental health and addictions, child welfare, healthcare, criminal justice, community

Building Confidence And Assertiveness

Strengthening our self-confidence is a powerful step in shaping our lives and creating future success. The ability to be confident and assertive are crucial skills


Learners in this 18-week Carpentry Applied Certificate program will receive basic knowledge and develop skills required to work in the residential, commercial construction and related