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As a learner at Northlands College, you have access to the best facilities the north has to offer for getting started on a new career path. With program choices in health care, mining, trades and even university courses, you have the opportunity to learn to do what you love while staying close to your community and family.

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Northlands College instructors and staff want to help you take advantage of everything the college has to offer so that you can reach your education and careers goals. We provide career and academic advising, learning support, connections to the community to help you settle for the duration of your program and some amazing online resources.


We want to make sure that you get off to a great start at Northlands College and help you out if you hit any troubles. Learner advisors at Northlands College are just a phone call away so if you have questions about your courses or any other areas, get in touch.

There are advisors located in three regional offices that make scheduled visits to outlying communities. While learner advisors can usually meet with individuals when they drop in, appointments can be made by calling a campus near you. Northlands College staff can offer advice and assistance to enhance your success at Northlands College and assist you in achieving your educational goals.



Northlands College provides housing at all three campus locations (La Ronge, Buffalo Narrows and Creighton). Housing applications and correspondence regarding Northlands College housing can be e-mailed to or call our toll-free number at 1-888-311-1185 for further information.

La Ronge Learner Apartments

La Ronge has learner apartments (Burns & Hall apartments) available for rent. Priority is given to out-of-town learners and their families. Unit sizes include bachelor suites, one- and two-bedroom suites. All units are furnished with a fridge and stove, but tenants are responsible for providing other necessary furnishings. On-site coin operated laundry facilities are available.

Click here for the La Ronge Learner Housing form

Buffalo Narrows Learner Housing

Buffalo Narrows has learner housing with 18 double-occupancy rooms available to out-of-town learners. Learners are responsible for food, bedding, personal dishes, towels and toiletries.

Click here for the Buffalo Narrows Learner Housing form

Creighton Learner Housing

Creighton has learner housing with a capacity of 15 learners which is available to out-of-town students attending either in Creighton or Denare Beach. Learners are responsible for food, bedding, personal dishes, towels and toiletries.

Click here for the Creighton Learner Housing form

A list of other possible rental options for each location can be obtained by phoning Northlands College through our toll-free number at  1-888-311-1185.


Northlands College campuses do not have in house daycare. Refer to community details for daycare information. Each Northlands College campus location has a community daycare centre and are listed below:

La Ronge Childcare Cooperative – (306) 425-2692
Buffalo Narrows Daycare Centre – (306) 235-4226
Creighton Community Daycare – (306) 688-5437


Learner IT Helpdesk

Having computer problems, IT issues, tech headaches or software glitches that are getting in the way of your learning experience? Forgot your password and can’t get into your account? Need help figuring out how to convert some files or hand in your assignments?

Have no fear! The NLC Learner IT Helpdesk is here to help get all your technological troubles sorted out! Get a hold of Aaron or Matthew using one of the contact methods listed below and your computer woes will be gone in no time.

Learner IT Helpdesk Contact Information:

Toll free phone — 1-844-854-4397
Teams — Aaron Stockdale, Matthew Hamilton
Text — 1-306-420-5223
Email —

*For password resets, it is usually quicker to contact us via phone or Teams. If requesting a password reset by email, make sure to include your full name, program, and which account you would like to have reset (Microsoft or Moodle). We will then have to verify with you that you have received your new temporary password before resetting.

Accessing Northlands College Moodle

Our Moodle page can be found at:

If you are not already logged in to Office 365, click the “Login” icon on the top right corner of the page and login with you Northlands College email and password.

Accessing Your Northlands College Webmail

Your Northlands College Webmail can be accessed at:

You can then sign in with your Northlands College email and password.