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Northlands College is pleased to welcome three new members to its Board of  Directors.

At its recent November 26th, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting, Northlands College welcomed Susanne Fern (Fond Du Lac), Elmer Campbell (Buffalo River Dene Nation) and Robert St. Pierre (La Loche) as new Board Members. Each were appointed to the Board for Three Year Terms by the Minister of Advanced Education on November 17th 2022.

These appointments replace members Victor Fern, Jackie Durocher and Myrna Bouvier all of which had their terms expire in 2021.

“We want to send our heartfelt appreciation to the past members for their leadership and dedicated service to the Northlands College Board of Directors and to the residents of northern Saskatchewan by providing educational opportunities”, stated by Nick Daigneault, Acting Chair.

Our new members come to us with extensive experience in Indigenous Leadership and organization.


Susanne Fern has previously served as a Band Councillor for the Fond Du Lac First Nation and continues to be partner and part owner of SAB’s contracting in Fond Du Lac. Elmer Campbell served as Chief for the Buffalo River Dene Nation and is now semi-retired. Robert St. Pierre has served as Mayor of La Loche and is now the Project Liaison Manager for NexGen Energy Ltd.

In addition to the three new members, the Northlands College Board is comprised of Nick Daigneault (Beauval) whom is currently Acting Chair, Val Deschambeault (Cumberland House), Bev Cheechoo (Cumberland House) and Ken Gray (La Ronge).

“The entire college community welcomes our new Board members, and we all look forward to working with them. With their experience and knowledge we are well equipped to lead the way in providing quality education to the communities and residents of northern Saskatchewan”, stated Karsten Henriksen, President & CEO.