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Transformative Journeys: Northlands College Celebrates graduates of the class of 2023.

[LaRonge Jun 2, 2023] – Northlands College proudly hosted their graduation ceremonies at the Jonas Roberts Memorial Community Centre this week, marking the graduation of Learners from their Flexible Learning, Technology & Trades and Health & Wellness programs. The events were attended by esteemed dignitaries including Athabasca MLA Jim Lemaigre, Cumberland MLA Doyle Vermette, Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, La Ronge Mayor Joe Hordyski, and Métis Nation Saskatchewan regional director Laura Burnouf.

In his opening address, Northlands President, and CEO Karsten Henriksen commended the uniqueness of this group of graduates. He expressed gratitude for their role in the college’s transformative journey, stating, “As we prepared to enter our Northlands College Year of Transformation, we were actually watching, listening, and seeing what your experience was. As a result of your work and leadership, we began to transform the college to make it stronger for learners to come.”

Henriksen further acknowledged the profound impact these graduates have had, not only on their own lives but also on the lives of their family members and communities. He stated, “Your journey and your own transformation have not only shaped your future but have also influenced those around you.”

While the ceremonies centered around celebrating the achievements of the graduates, Henriksen emphasized the crucial role played by their families, as well as the unwavering support provided by the college’s dedicated staff and faculty throughout their educational journey.

Northlands College extends its heartfelt congratulations to each graduate on their remarkable achievement. With their dedication and leadership, this group of graduates played a pivotal role in shaping the transformative journey of Northlands College, making it a beacon of educational excellence. Their daily contributions have not only uplifted their families but have also positively impacted the broader community. Their perseverance and dedication serve as an inspiration to learners across northern Saskatchewan.