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Northlands College Unveils New Website to Enhance Educational Excellence and Community Engagement

[LaRonge, June 5, 2023] – Northlands College, Saskatchewan’s northern college committed to empowering learners and fostering academic excellence, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website. This transformative step reaffirms the college’s commitment to sustainability in all facets of its operations, ensuring the highest standard of education for learners and communities.

The redesigned website serves as a comprehensive platform to cater to the evolving needs of learners, communities, and industry partners. With an array of expanded features and resources, the website offers enhanced accessibility to information, furthering the college’s mission to foster lifelong learning and empowerment.

Karsten Henriksen, the President and CEO of Northlands College, expressed his enthusiasm for the institution’s ongoing transformation, saying, “The revamp of Northlands College’s website marks a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in education and community service. We are proud to unveil a platform that not only serves as a hub for valuable information but also reflects our commitment to empowering learners and advancing Northern Saskatchewan.”

The revamped website emphasizes Northlands College’s dedication to highlighting the accomplishments of its esteemed alumni. By showcasing the success stories of graduates, the college aims to inspire current and prospective learners while showcasing the impact of a Northlands College experience.

Additionally, the website places a strong emphasis on the college’s work in indigenous initiatives, reaffirming its commitment to cultural preservation and inclusivity. Through interactive features and dedicated sections, Northlands College strives to provide an enriching experience for Indigenous learners while fostering a deep understanding of Indigenous knowledge and heritage.

One of the notable features of the new website is its ability to provide in-house updates, enabling the college to engage in timely and efficient information sharing. This feature ensures that learners, communities, and industry partners stay connected and informed about the latest developments, initiatives, and opportunities offered by Northlands College.

As Northlands College enters this exciting phase of growth and transformation, the revamped website stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and community partnership. With its enhanced functionality and expansive resources, the website will play a pivotal role in advancing education and empowering learners in Northern Saskatchewan.

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