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Northlands College President’s Awards Recipients Announced

Northlands College honours a few of its outstanding faculty and staff with the launch of the Presidents Awards in Service, Teaching and Innovation on March 9th 2023. The President’s Award (PA) recognize and celebrates high quality and innovative service, learning and teaching demonstrated through a sustained commitment to educational service, teaching excellence, and innovation, alongside a commitment to principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. “The awards are significant in that they celebrate whom we are as Northerners with the recipients themselves being nominated by fellow members of the college community” said, Karsten Henriksen the college’s President & CEO


The 2023 Presidents Excellence Award for Service Excellence was awarded to the Information Technology Team

The President’s Excellence Award for Service Excellence recognizes demonstrated creativity and shown initiative in meeting client needs and improving the college experience. This year’s award is shared between member of the College’s Information Technology Team for their dedication to service excellence both internally and externally facing as the college undergoes significate technological change and in doing so has continued to provide a high level of service and adaptability.


The 2023 Presidents Excellence Award for Teaching was awarded to Marilyn Iwasyk

The President’s Excellence Award in Teaching recognizes sustained excellence in teaching as characterized by high academic quality, social responsibility, innovation in teaching, outstanding learner experience, outstanding learner engagement, and community engagement. This year’s recipient Marilyn Iwasyk was honoured 

Northlands College President’s Awards Recipients Announced

for her dedication to learners and teaching excellence, passion continuous learning and for her particular focus on teaching/research in social sciences and women’s studies.


The 2023 Presidents Excellence Award for Innovation was awarded to Colleen Charles

The President’s Excellence Award for Innovation recognizes employees have gone above and beyond to adapt to an ever-changing environment, who have provided outstanding contributions to the college, its programs and initiatives that enhance learner achievement. This year’s recipient Colleen Charles was honoured for her advocacy for language and teaching innovation. Her extensive work in both Northern Saskatchewan and the Circumpolar North via the University of the Arctic which, Northlands College is a member has been celebrated both domestically and internationally.  


In addition to being celebrated by the college community, recipients of President’s Awards receive a one-time professional development allowance of $3,000.00 which is used to further develop their professional practice and strengthen institutional capacity and learning experience across Northern Saskatchewan.



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