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Northlands College Hosts Successful Advisory Council Meeting to Strengthen University Studies Programs and Community Engagement

Northlands College held an advisory council meeting on March 27, 2023, to provide advice and make recommendations to support programming plans in University Studies, and to develop long-term trust in the area of university for both learners and the public. The meeting was attended by community representatives from across northern Saskatchewan and resulted in valuable insights and recommendations that will help shape the future of University Studies at Northlands College.

The objective of the meeting was to establish the aim to meet the academic needs of northern learners by adhering to Northlands College’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Outcomes. The discussion included an update on 2023-24 University programming, and notes on new initiatives that the College will implement soon, such as a Computer Studies and/or Game Design diploma, a Bachelor of Administration, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Social Work, and the development of an applied research system.

The council also addressed questions about programming in other areas such as Trades & Technical – specifically plumbing and auto-technician programs – and the idea of monthly check-ins at high schools by Northlands personnel as a recruitment effort. University prep courses and dual-credit courses were also discussed, as was the need to bring more university programming to non-campus communities such as Sandy Bay.

Key takeaways from the meeting included the replacement of Martha Morin on the council by La Loche Mayor Georgina Jolibois, suggestions for additional council members, the feeling in some communities that Northlands needs a stronger presence, and suggestions for a full community needs assessment across all programming areas by the college.

Kory Morvik, Director, University Studies, expressed his gratitude to everyone who attended the meeting, saying, “The advice of our council members is invaluable because they give a voice to the communities they, and we, serve. Ultimately, we all have the same goal, which is to develop a stronger, more prosperous North. Northlands College is doing that through education and innovation, but it requires robust community engagement to be successful. I’m grateful to everyone who was able to attend this meeting and am excited about the impact this advisory council will have on the future of University Studies at Northlands College.”

“It is important that we hear from northern communities when it comes to educational programming, as they know best what is needed in their communities. Engagement through these types of advisory councils will continue as we strive to give the north better access to educational opportunities,” said Karsten Henriksen, President & CEO.

The meeting was crucial in getting the council initiative off the ground and paving the way for a more engaged, community-focused approach to the kind of programming Northlands College offers in northern Saskatchewan. Northlands College looks forward to continuing its efforts to provide exceptional educational opportunities to its learners and communities.