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Northlands College Board Member Recruitment

Mandated through provincial legislation, Northlands College provides academic and skills training opportunities in response to regional and industry needs of Northern Saskatchewan.   

Northlands College is governed by a Board of Directors, with representatives from across Northern Saskatchewan.  Due to vacancies and term completions, we are recruiting board members from across the North.

An ideal Director will have the understanding of the needs of the North, a commitment to post-secondary education and training, and have the capacity to meet the time commitments to serve and be effective as a board member.  A time commitment of one or two days, six months out of the year is required in order to meet the requirements of this role.

We invite interested parties to express their interest in writing.  Include in your submission your professional background, previous experience on boards, and describe your interest in serving on the board of the college.  Your submission will be held in strict confidence. 

Send submissions by June 1, 2022 to the attention of:

Jennifer Kyplain, Executive Coordinator
Northlands College
Box 1000
Air Ronge, SK     S0J 3G0