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Liberal Arts (Diploma)

Learners in the Liberal Arts program will be introduced to a wide range of subjects in order to acquire knowledge and intellectual capacities that are general to all walks of life, rather than specific to a particular profession or trade.

The Liberal Arts program can provide a pathway to programs such as Arts, Business, Media Art and Performance, Science, and Social Work by providing you with courses that can be used as electives in other programs.

Full- and part-time studies available.

Applicants must be proficient in the English language.

Learners complete 30 credit units of required and elective courses. The certificate can be laddered into a two-year diploma.

Learners complete 60 credit units of required and elective courses. Students can pursue a two-year Diploma from the start of their program or ladder from the certificate. The Diploma in Liberal Arts can ladder into a Bachelor of Arts degree as it satisfies the core requirements.

Grade 12 with overall average of 65% in core subjects.
Must have the following high school courses: one approved math or science, one approved 30 level language, or social science, or fine arts; and
one additional approved 30 level course.

Program application form, copy of all transcripts

September 2023 – June 2024

42 per year
*Pending need and availability of courses
Estimated $10,500/year
Estimated $1,500/year
Application deadline Early-bird deadline for scholarship consideration: May 1, 2023
Deadline for Fall 2022: July 31, 2023
Deadline for Winter 2023: November 15, 2023
University of Regina