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Early Childhood Education – Year 2

This program fulfills the second year of study of the two-year diploma in Early Childhood Education, building upon skills and knowledge gained in ECE level 1 & 2. Through in-class study and hands0on practice, learners will develop the skills needed to create holistic programs which include early literacy and language, creative arts, numeracy, and open-ended play experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Learners will participate in two four-week practicums, placed with local agencies whenever possible.

Graduates of this program will be eligible to apply for ECE level 3 Certification, and may find employment as educators in childcare centres, pre-schools, as childcare centre directors, and in Early Childhood Intervention programs, Family Resource Centres, KidsFirst Programs, as Ministry of Education consultants, child life workers in hospitals (with further university training), and other areas.