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Bachelor of Science

Major in: Biology or Chemistry

Students complete 60 credit units of required and elective courses that can lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology or Chemistry.

Biology is an excellent choice for students interested in gaining entrance to a health science program, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, and veterinary medicine.

Chemistry takes the fundamental ideas of mathematics and physics, adapts them to chemical systems, and applies them in areas ranging from biotechnology to advanced materials to environmental science.

This program fulfills the first two years of study; students must complete their degrees on-campus.

Full- and part-time studies available.

Applicants must be proficient in the English language.

NOTE: Students can achieve the first two years with Northlands College, before completing the degree at the University of Saskatchewan

Grade 12 with overall average of 70% in core subjects;
one of Biology 30,or Chemistry 30,or Physics 30, or Earth Science 30, or Computer Science 30;
one of Foundations of Mathematics 30 or Pre-Calculus 30;
must have 30- level language other than English, or a 30-level fine/performing art
one of History 30, Native Studies 30, or Social Studies 30
*Admission with a deficiency may be possible; please consult a student advisor.

Program application form, copy of all transcripts

September 2022

42 per year
*Pending need and availability of courses
Estimated $9,000/year
Estimated $1,500/year
Early-bird deadline for scholarship consideration: May 1,2023
Deadline for Fall 2022: July 31,2023
Deadline for Winter 2023: November 10,2023
University of Saskatchewan